Heated Product Specialist

Auto/Diesel Emissions Sampling Equipment

Heated Hose & Heated Sample Lines , Heated Filters, Heated Pumps , Heated Valves. Heated Pressure Regulators, Custom Ovens , Custom Blankets, Temperature Controllers, Sample Probes ,  Sample Dryers,  Complete Systems  and other components for Automotive and Diesel Emissions Testing, sample conditioning.

Stack & CEMS Emissions Sampling Equipment

Multi Tube Heated Lines, Heated Filters, Heated Pumps, Heated Valves, Sample Probes, Heated Sample Lines and components for Stack Testing & Continuous Emissions Monitoring.

Dispense and Materials Transport

Heated Hose and components for moving wax. Heated Hose and components for hot melt adhesives. Heated Hose for the Food and Dairy Industry. Heated Hose for pharmaceuticals. Heated Hose for any dispense, freeze protection or  viscosity control applications, Heated Hose for Tar Patching.

All of our heated hose and other heated products are custom engineered to fit your needs. But we’re more than just a Heated Line and Hose Company.

Atmo-Seal Engineering Sells and Manufacturers of Specialty Heaters, Items and Components

  • Belly Band Heaters, “Hot Pocket” Junction Heaters, Flexible Silicone Heating Pads, Custom Cast Heaters.
  • Replacement filter elements, Teflon, Stainless Steel and Silicone Tubing, High Pressure Teflon Hose Assemblies.
  • High temperature tapes and insulations, blankets and pads.

Available Certifications

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