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Atmo-Seal’s Heated Lines for Emissions Sampling

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Wall Pass Kit for Heated Sample Lines

IGH & CGH Heated Sample Lines

heated lines
  • Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation  in a wide range of voltages
  • Choice of Thermocouple, RTD, Internal Thermostat or other sensors
  • Replaceable Sample Tubes in your choice of Teflon, SS or other materials
  • Super-flexible design, lightweight and tough 1/16” to 1” ID Sample Tubes
  • Optional Exteriors to match your needs and operational conditions.

IGH Heated Sample Line – Used in virtually all emissions testing situations for gasoline engine and diesel engine development.

CGH Heated Sample Line – Used for USEPA diesel engine certification,  on-road testing and certification. May be supplied with temperature profiles as needed.

OEM Specialtiesheated lines

Horiba MEXA 7000 Line – Atmo-Seal, Inc., in direct cooperation with Horiba Instruments, manufactures a specialty sample line designed specifically to interface with the Horiba 7000 Series of gas analyzers. Testing performed by Horiba’s own in-house engineering staff found Atmo-Seal’s heated emissions lines to be the highest in quality of any heated lines tested. ASE has the tightest temperature profiles, the most robust and flexible construction and the ability to run with any MEXA system worldwide.  ASE’s heated emissions lines may be  supplied with EPA Compliant Temperature Profiles, electrical connectors to mate with any MEXA bench and a special, heated extension to interface easily with MEXA benches and ovens.

SEMTECH D Instrument Line

heated lines

Atmo-Seal manufactures a direct replacement for Heated Sample lines used with the Sensors Semtech D on-road analyzer. Our heated, 12 VDC sample line arrives complete and ready to use and includes all wiring, electrical and mechanical connectors needed to mate with the Semtech D. Both standard and custom lengths are available.

SEMTECH D Heated Line – ready to install and use

Tough, Accurate Heated Lines

At Atmo-Seal, Inc., we know that heated hoses and heated sample lines are stretched, dropped and slammed every day.  Our Enduro-Flex Heated Emissions Sample Lines are designed for their environment: Dynamometer Labs and Test Cells, On-Road Certification, CEMS Sites, etc.,

heated linesNo one in the industry can touch our accuracy of temperature. Independent studies have shown that the temperature resolution of an ASE heated hose is unmatched by ANY in the industry.

Our heated hoses and heated lines all feature light-weight end treatments made from either tough, high-temperature phenolics or plated steel, all with operational temperatures in excess of 200 C. There are no epoxy-potted ends that break, crack and burn and no cumbersome heat shrink ends that melt and become brittle in time; just a high-quality end – that is suitable for ovens or other high-temp situation – on every hose.

We offer a choice of sample line exteriors to make your heated sample line  suitable for even the most extreme environments. We offer exteriors that are suited for direct burial, outdoor use, hazardous locations, cold rooms, the desert and the tundra, or just being pulled through your factory or lab.  Wherever you need a tough, accurate heated sample line, we can provide it.

Another advantage of our heated hoses and heated sample lines is that they are designed to be easily repaired! In most cases, our heated lines may be repaired easily in the field by our staff or yours!  Our lines feature user-replaceable sample tubes, end cap and end fittings. Our heated hoses carry a full 24 month limited warranty, too!

And, of course, your hoses will have the Most Accurate and Verifiable Temperature Resolutions in the Industry! With  25 years of Precision Heated Hose Design and Emissions Sampling Experience, our staff has the technical ability to meet all of your specifications.