Heated Filter Valves

Heated Filter/Valves

Atmo-Seal Heated Filter & Valve Combo Units Brochure

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Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc. manufactures custom heated filter & valve combo units for use in gas and diesel sampling; stack and process monitoring, dispense, freeze protection and other area required by our customers,  We also combine components, manifolds, pumps, filters and prefabricated tubes into specific heated devices which fit your exact needs. And all Atmo-Seal components easily interface with our heated sample lines.

Pictured below are a few examples of our custom-heaters and components.

Heated Bayonet-Type Filter and Solenoid Assembly

Heated Filter Valves
  • Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation in a wide range of voltages
  • Choice of Thermocouple, RTD, Internal Thermostat or other sensors
  • Choice of valve configuration (2 way/3 way)
  • Solenoids may be located up- or down-stream of the filter
  • Housings are available for common filter sizes (1 X 7, 1 X 2.5, 1/2 x 2.25, 1/2 x 1″)
  • Easily disassembled and repaired in situ if needed
  • Filter element may be changed easily by the user

The Solenoid Valve and Filter Units are just one example of how a specific customer need has lead to a standard product. Uses include multiple sample selection, leak checking, purging and introduction of calibration gases. They are custom made to your specifications and will route and filter your sample gas exactly as needed for your application. Just call us!

Problem Solvers

Atmo-Seal, Inc. is a “think tank” company. We use our expertise to create high-quality, cost-effective components and systems to solve your sampling and dispensing needs.

Heated Filter Valves Heated Filter Valves

Heated ball valve and filter combination pictured above.  The ball valve is completely serviceable by simply removing the heated sleeve shown above (left).  Available in either single temperature zone or dual temperature zone configurations.


As always, Atmo-Seal, Inc., will customize your filters to your exacting specifications without jeopardizing your delivery schedule.