Instrumentation Ovens

ARMOS Oven Systems

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Atmo-Seal manufactures a truly unique oven system for your laboratory and industrial needs. While others simply offer an oven, the Atmo Seal Rack-Mount Oven System (ARMOS) solves the problems of stable heat, serviceability, modular design, mounting and plumbing of your components with one easy-to-use product.

Instrumentation Ovens
  • Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation in a wide range of voltages
  • Choice of Thermocouple, RTD, Internal Thermostat or other sensors
  • Internal Stainless Steel oven interiors for durability and esthetics
  • Both standard in/out ports and custom porting are available
  • Super-tight, documented temperature tolerances available
  • Free standing or rack-mount designs
  • Mini-Ovens for individual components

Stable Heat – By using a thermally conductive liner, heat is pulled and distributed evenly inside the oven.Instrumentation Ovens

Modular Design – Available in a wide range of rack-mount heights and depths, ASE has the oven to fit your needs.

Component Mounting & Plumbing – The most innovative feature of the ARMOS is the Internal Framework, which allows components to be supported, mounted and serviced. Each oven comes with an internal, open-framed “cube” mounted to the front panel/door. ASE ARMOS ovens come with pre-sized cross straps and brackets that may be affixed to the framework in a number of locations. Components may be mounted to these brackets, holding them securely and maximizing oven space.

Serviceability – The ARMOS is the MOST serviceable oven system in existence today. All of your internal components are affixed to the oven’s slide-out front door panel. The entire assembly can be  removed and bench serviced easily, then reinstalled if desired. A thermally sealed access port on the rear of the oven eliminates the hassle associated with multiple bulkhead fittings, too.

Instrumentation Ovens

ARMOS shown open for service

Instrumentation Ovens

Custom ARMOS with multiple filters and valves

Problem Solvers

Atmo-Seal, Inc. is a “think tank” company. We use our expertise to create high-quality, cost-effective components and systems to solve your sampling and dispensing needs.


At Atmo-Seal, Inc., all of our ovens are custom-built to your needs WITHOUT jeopardizing your delivery schedule.