Steam Trace Hose

Atmo-Seal’s Enduro-Flex Steam Traced Hose

Atmo-Seal Steam Traced Hose Brochure

Steam Trace & Insulated Tube

Steam Trace Hose
  • Choice of several outer jackets for all conditions
  • Choice of Stainless Steel or Teflon main Tubes,  SS or copper steam trace tubes
  • Multiple layers of Nomex Insulation
  • High-temp Phenolic end treatments
  • Purchase as made-to-order lengths or bulk rolls to cut and installed in the field

Tough, Flexible Steam Traced Heated Hose

Atmo-Seal insulated tube bundles are designed for their environment: Industrial Facilities around the globe. Our steam-traced tube bundles are typically used in hazardous locations where an electrically heated hose cannot be used, or where your process lends itself better to steam than electricity.

Insulated Bundles – hoses without heat tracing – are used to minimize the effect of ambient temperatures on the media inside the insulated tube. These are suitable for high-temperature steam, condensation returns, and cryogenic applications.

Our tubes are kept parallel during manufacturing – not twisted together – so compression fittings may be safely and easily installed.

Our insulation is wound around the hose in successive layers and winding directions are reversed in each subsequent layer to prevent tube exposure to prevent hot or cold spots.

As a custom engineering facility, we will make your tube bundles to the specifications you provide. With almost twenty years of experience in the hose business, we have the expertise to provide everything from individual components to turnkey systems.

Of course, our of our hoses carry a full, 24 month limited warranty.