Htd PSI Regulators

Heated Pressure Regulator Brochure
  • Choice of AC 50-60 HZ or DC operation in wide range of voltages
  • Choice of thermocouple, RTD, Internal thermostat or other sensors
  • Input range to PSI – output 5-80 (other ranges available)
  • Made with high-temp phenolics to provide the best thermal insulation in the industry
  • Tube ports and the regulator housing may be easily removed or replaced by the user
  • Easily dis-assembled and repaired in situ if needed
  • All SS/Teflon wetted parts, up top 450F opperation.

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Atmo-Seal Engineering Inc, manufactures heated pressure regulators for use in gas and diesel sampling; stack and process monitoring. Our heated pressure regulators maintain a precise user adjustable pressure and are easily compinsated for. We offer both in line and back pressure models. Custom configurations are always available at Atmo-Seal. Just ask!