Sample Dryers

DDS Series Sample Dryers

Atmo-Seal Engineering, Inc. ™ is pleased to offer another fine product to our line – DDS Sample Dryer Systems.

Designed for years of service, our dryer is a multi-stage system that gets the moisture out and preserve the integrity of your sample. Samples may enter the system at up to 500 F, but will exit at 34 F, dry and (optionally) filtered.

Options and Features

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Sample Dryers
  • Choice of AC 50-60 HZ in 120 or 240 VAC
  • All Teflon or all SS wetted internal components
  • Optional peristaltic Pump drain or Standard Site Tube moisture collector (appx 1 qt capacity)
  • Dual trap separators to ensure moisture dropout
  • Optional Internal filtration, cold or heated
  • UL/CSA/CE approvals
  • Single-, Double-, and Triple stream models available
  • Unit Size in Inches : 20 D x 23 H x 15 W
  • Cooling capacity: Up To 3 SCFM (85 lpm)
  • Max Inlet Temperature 220 C
  • ¼ HP at 120 VAC (other voltages available)

Sample Dryer Basics

Sample Dryers

Atmo-Seal, Inc., understands the demands of Emissions Sampling. Our engineering experience in this field goes back twenty-plus years. ASE’s DDS Series Sample dryers use time-proven designs and principals to dry, filter and deliver a good-quality sample to your instrumentation.

Our use of two trap-separators remove the moisture at the critical junctures between the first and second stages of drying and at the end of the chilling process. Taking out moisture upstream of the chilling process reduces the risk of “freeze-up” on your sample train.

Of course, the DDH Dryer series is designed to easily interface with other Atmo-Seal, Inc., Emissions components, giving our customers a system that they can rely on.ASE chiller/dryers us eco-friendly R134A coolant. All wetted parts may be Stainless Steel, Teflon or a hybrid of both, for unmatched design versatility.

A Simple Solution

Atmo-Seal, Inc., also supplies a simple trap separator for sample cooling. Though not as effective as a sample dryer, a fan driven coil and trap separator will remove a significant amount of moisture from an emissions sample. When used in conjunction with a peristaltic pump, this inexpensive solution may remove enough moisture that a fill dryer system is not required.

Sample Dryers


As always, Atmo-Seal, Inc., will customize our products to your specifications, without jeopardizing your delivery schedule.